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Buying a new bed and mattress doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you’re considering buying a new bed and mattress or need some advice about basic mattress care, The Bed Consultant explains everything you need to know. Learn more about The Bed Consultant.

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Two single beds with blue upholstered base and matching headboards

Should You Buy A Super King Or Two Single Beds?

Considering various factors, such as your sleeping habits, lifestyle, budget, and bedroom space, will help you decide whether a super king or two single beds best suits your needs and preferences.

happy young couple sharing a large bed with their two children

What Is An Emperor Size Bed?

An Emperor bed, typically measures 7 feet square (215 cm x 215 cm). As there is no industry standard for bed sizes, some manufacturers make a slightly smaller version of an Emperor bed measuring 6 feet 6 inches square (200 cm x 200 cm).

Woman's hand pressing down on the edge of a mattress

Mattress Edge Support: What Is It & Why It Matters

Mattress edge support keeps the mattress perimeter sturdy and supportive, ensuring a consistent sleeping surface and preventing instability or the feeling of rolling off. It contributes to a more comfortable and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Mattress advice

Young woman sitting on the edge of the bed feeling back pain after sleeping in bed

Can A Soft Mattress Cause Back Pain?

A soft mattress conforms to the body and can provide effective pressure relief. However, an overly soft mattress can cause misalignment and contribute to back pain.

young couple sleeping together in bed

Can You Buy A Half And Half Mattress?

A half and half mattress is ideal for sleeping partners of different weights or with different comfort preferences. It allows each partner to have their side of the bed in their preferred firmness, so there’s no need to compromise on sleep.

Young couple operating adjustable bed in mattress showroom

Can You Use Any Mattress With An Adjustable Base?

Adjustable beds require a mattress that can easily bend and conform to the shape of the bed as it moves. While some mattresses are compatible, others are not designed to bend or fold and may be susceptible to damage.

Mattress care

Hand pressing down on memory foam mattress

Can You Turn A Memory Foam Mattress?

All mattresses, including those with memory foam, tend to settle, especially under body weight. That’s why it helps to occasionally rotate your memory foam mattress to even out the wear.

Man lifting a mattress off white bed frame with hands

Can You Fold A Mattress?

Mattresses should generally be kept flat, but folding may be necessary for moving or storage. Whether a mattress can be safely folded or bent depends on its type, construction, thickness, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Contact the manufacturer for specific guidance if you’re unsure whether you can fold your mattress.

Bedding advice

Lady lifting mattress topper off bed

Can You Use A Mattress Topper As A Mattress?

A mattress topper is designed to work with a mattress to make it feel more comfortable. But using a topper without a mattress, even if only temporarily, is unlikely to provide the comfort and support you need.

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