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luxury pillow top mattress close up wiith dark coloured borders

Pillow Top Mattresses Explained

Pillow-top mattresses provide plush cushioning and comfort. These mattresses are ideal for those that prefer a softer mattress that closely conforms to the body. However, poorly-constructed models may lack edge support and durability. So it’s vital to conduct thorough research before you buy.

Burning scented candles on white surface

Is It Safe To Sleep With A Candle Burning?

Candles bring a touch of beauty and warmth to the bedroom. But a burning candle is an open flame and can be dangerous. Avoid sleeping with candles burning, and never leave them unattended.

two young men lifting a mattress into van

Should You Tip A Mattress Delivery Driver?

Mattress delivery drivers face many daily challenges, such as heavy lifting, dealing with poor weather and navigating to the property. Tipping the driver is a way of showing appreciation for their hard work. However, there are some situations where tipping may not be warranted, such as if the driver provides poor service or only offers kerbside or drop-to-door delivery.

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young couple sleeping together in bed

Can You Buy A Half And Half Mattress?

A half and half mattress is ideal for sleeping partners of different weights or with different comfort preferences. It allows each partner to have their side of the bed in their preferred firmness, so there’s no need to compromise on sleep.

old mattress left outside a house propped against a wall

How To Dispose Of A Mattress

There are plenty of ways to dispose of a mattress. If you’re buying a new mattress from a retailer, most of them provide a mattress disposal service. You can also donate your old mattress to charities, sell it online or ask your local council to collect it.

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Clean and organised garage

How To Store A Mattress In A Garage

If you need to store an old mattress, the garage is often a great place to hide it away until you’re ready to use it again. Knowing how to store your mattress correctly will help keep it in good condition and extend its lifespan.

cleaning memory foam mattress with handheld vacuum

Clean & Fresh: How To Clean A Memory Foam Mattress

Knowing how to clean and maintain a memory foam mattress can help prolong its life and promote a healthy and hygienic sleep environment. You should give your mattress a thorough clean every six months. However, you will need to clean up any spillages straight away to ensure the stain does not set into the mattress.

discontent young lady cannot sleep, lying under bed sheets

How To Break In A New Mattress: Here’s What You Need To Know

Applying gentle pressure to your new mattress can help speed up the breaking in process. Sleeping on your new mattress each night will usually suffice, but you can also try gently crawling over it. It can take at least a month to get used to a new mattress. By then, it should start to feel softer and more comfortable.