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How to store a mattress topper: Top tips

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You can store a mattress topper either rolled up or flat. Keep it in a clean, dry, and cool environment above ground level. Regularly check for signs of damage, moisture, or pests.

A mattress topper can make your bed feel more comfortable. However, there may be occasions when you’re not using it and need to store it in a convenient place. Whether moving home, switching to a new mattress or needing more space, knowing how to store your mattress topper correctly will help keep it in good condition and extend its lifespan.

White memory foam mattress topper attached to beige mattress

Prepare the space

Although mattress toppers are not heavy, they can be awkward to move. Before moving your mattress topper, ensure a clear and safe path to your destination to prevent injuries and breakages. Clear away any boxes, lamps, rugs, furniture, pictures, and other items that might be in the way. Open all doorways and be aware of any steps, uneven surfaces, low ceilings, or other obstacles.

Cleaning your mattress topper

Like the rest of your bedding, you should clean your mattress topper regularly to ensure a healthy and hygienic sleep environment. It’s advisable to clean your mattress topper before storing it. This prevents dust, dirt, debris, and bacteria from accumulating on the sleeping surface or becoming a breeding ground for dust mites.

The cleaning method depends on the type of mattress topper you have and the materials it is made from. Common mattress topper materials include memory foam, latex, wool, feathers and polyester.

Always check the care label or manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning your mattress topper.

Remove bedding and carefully place your mattress topper on a flat or even surface. Gently vacuum your mattress topper, using a soft brush attachment to remove dust and debris. If your topper contains loose fillings like feathers, avoid vacuuming as it can dislodge the fillings. Use a clean, soft brush or cloth instead.

Some mattress toppers are machine washable, while others, such as those containing foam, are more delicate and must be spot-cleaned.

Sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda evenly over the mattress topper to absorb lingering odours and moisture, keeping it fresh and clean. Let the baking soda sit for a few hours, then vacuum or brush it off.

Allow the mattress topper to air dry completely before storing it. To speed up drying, open windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate in the room.

Rolling your mattress topper

You can store a mattress topper either rolled up or flat. Although mattress toppers are flexible, care needs to be taken when rolling them to ensure they maintain their shape, support and durability. Do not fold or bend the mattress topper; this can damage its components, cause permanent indentations and creases, and distort its shape.

While mattress toppers are not heavy, they can be awkward to roll by yourself, so seek help where possible to make the process easier and ensure the topper is rolled correctly.

Carefully roll the topper from one end to the other, keeping the roll as straight as possible. Apply gentle, even pressure to avoid creating lumps or indentations.

Place your mattress topper in a strong, breathable plastic bag to protect it from dirt, dust, debris, and pests. Check for holes or tears in the bag, then seal the bag to protect your mattress topper. Use tape or ratchet straps to secure the topper and prevent it from unrolling. Do not tape or fasten too tightly to prevent permanent indentations.

Labelling the storage bag for your mattress topper is useful because it helps you easily identify the item when you need it again and ensures you handle it correctly.

Storing your mattress topper

Your mattress topper should be stored in a clean, dry, and cool environment away from direct sunlight, such as an airing cupboard. Avoid storing your mattress topper in the bathroom as the humidity can cause mould and mildew to form on it.

Place your mattress topper on a flat or even surface and keep it above ground level, such as on a shelf or raised platform, to protect it from dust, water, and pests.

Avoid stacking items on top of the mattress topper. Heavy or sharp objects can leave permanent marks or indentations.

Regularly check your stored mattress topper for signs of damage, moisture, or pests. Air it out and re-roll if necessary. Do not unroll a memory foam mattress topper when it is cold, as the foam material may tear or crack. After long periods in storage, give your topper a good shake to restore its loft and appearance.

How long can you store a mattress topper?

There’s no set time limit on how long you can store a mattress topper, as long as it’s kept in a clean, dry, and cool environment and you periodically check its condition.

What is the life expectancy of a mattress topper?

A mattress topper’s typical lifespan is between 2 and 5 years, depending on its construction, usage, and how well it is maintained.

Is keeping a mattress topper in storage necessary?

A mattress topper is an additional bedding item that can improve the comfort of a relatively new mattress. However, keeping a mattress topper in storage isn’t always necessary.

If you rarely use your mattress topper, you may want to use it for occasional guests. However, be mindful that a mattress topper won’t fix an old worn-out mattress.

If your mattress topper is in good condition, consider donating it instead of storing it. You can also repurpose the material for pet bedding, cushions, or DIY projects. If the topper is no longer usable, look for local recycling programs that accept old mattress toppers.

Final thoughts

Correctly storing your mattress topper ensures it stays clean and in good condition. Always follow the manufacturer’s care advice for specific instructions on your type of mattress topper. Not doing so could invalidate your warranty or guarantee.

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