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Two single beds with blue upholstered base and matching headboards

Should You Buy A Super King Or Two Single Beds?

Considering various factors, such as your sleeping habits, lifestyle, budget, and bedroom space, will help you decide whether a super king or two single beds best suits your needs and preferences.

happy young couple sharing a large bed with their two children

What Is An Emperor Size Bed?

An Emperor bed, typically measures 7 feet square (215 cm x 215 cm). As there is no industry standard for bed sizes, some manufacturers make a slightly smaller version of an Emperor bed measuring 6 feet 6 inches square (200 cm x 200 cm).

Young teenage boy relaxing on double bed staring at computer

How To Choose A Bed For A Teenager

Choosing a bed for a teenager depends on their needs, preferences, and the available room space. Teenagers require around eight to ten hours of sleep each night, so choosing a comfortable and supportive mattress is crucial.

Female hand operating an adjustable bed lifting the head section of the bed

How To Move An Adjustable Bed Like A Pro

When moving an adjustable bed, assess the space and plan the route. Then, disassemble the bed to make it easier and lighter to move. Always lift the bed with someone else to make the task more manageable. Take your time and handle the bed carefully to preserve its condition.

Traditional divan bed with drawers

Divan Inspiration: What Is A Divan Bed?

A divan bed consists of a mattress and a bed base. The base is referred to as the divan, which is made from a wooden frame covered in material. The mattress sits on the top of the base, elevating its overall height making it easier to get in and out of bed.

Man lying on bed wearing shoes with legs over the edge of the bed

Beds For Tall People: A Complete Guide

Finding a suitable bed for a taller person may require extra effort, but various options are available, so there’s no need to compromise on sleep.

Pull-out sofa bed in charcoal fabric with the bed fully opened

Are Sofa Beds Comfortable?

Having a sofa that can double up as a bed for overnight guests is convenient. Most sofa beds are suitable for everyday lounging. However, it’s harder to find a comfortable sofa bed mattress; most are designed for occasional use.

happy young family eating breakfast in bed

UK Bed Sizes Explained

Choosing the right size bed and mattress is essential, especially if you share a bed with someone.

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