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What is a three quarter size bed?

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A three quarter bed or small double bed measures 4′0″ x 6’3″ (120 cm x 190 cm) and is bigger than a single bed but smaller than a double bed.

A three quarter bed provides the perfect middle ground between a single and a double bed. It is an excellent choice for those looking to maximise the sleeping space without overpowering the bedroom.

small double bed in light room with bright coloured bedding and cushions

What size is a three quarter bed?

A three quarter bed or small double bed measures 4′0″ x 6’3″ (120 cm x 190 cm) and is bigger than a single bed but smaller than a double bed. As modern homes tend to have smaller bedrooms, three quarter beds have grown in popularity.

Small double bed dimensions UK
Dimensions of a small double bed.
Typical UK bed sizes
 Imperial sizeMetric size
Small single2’6” x 6’3”75 cm x 190 cm
Single3’0” x 6’3”90 cm x 190 cm
Small double4’0” x 6’3”120 cm x 190 cm
Double4’6” x 6’3”135 cm x 190 cm
King size5’0” x 6’6”150 cm x 200 cm
Super king size6’0” x 6’6”180 cm x 200 cm

Who is a three quarter bed suitable for?

A three quarter size bed is ideal for a single person looking for more sleeping space than a single bed. This could be a child or teenager moving out of a smaller bed or a single adult sleeping in a bedroom without sufficient space for a double bed. Three quarter beds also work well in properties with access restrictions, such as narrow staircases, where a larger one-piece mattress would be out of the question.

Is a three quarter bed suitable for two adults sharing?

A three quarter bed is more suitable for a single person. It can also be an occasional bed for two people who don’t mind getting cosy with one another. However, keep in mind that each person only has 2ft of sleeping space, which is less than a baby gets in a cot. If the bed is intended for two adults, consider a bed with good edge support to maximise the sleeping area.

Are three quarter beds more expensive?

Even though a three quarter bed is smaller, it tends to be the same price as the standard double version. This is because some manufacturers consider a three quarter bed a non-standard size. Therefore, upgrading to the double version makes sense if the bedroom can accommodate it.

Are three quarter beds kept in stock?

Though some manufacturers keep three quarter beds in stock, they tend to be less freely available as standard bed sizes such as singles, doubles, and kings. You may need to allow several weeks for delivery, so it’s best to avoid making plans before the bed is delivered.

What type of mattress should I consider for a three quarter size bed?

There are various types of mattresses available for a three quarter size bed. Here’s a quick overview of some of the most common options.

Open coil

An open coil mattress is a good option for those looking for a mattress on a budget, perhaps as a regular bed for a child or teenager or a spare room bed used occasionally by adults. An open coil mattress is made from a continuous wire wrapped around to create a series of coils and generally feels bouncier and firmer than other mattress types.

Pocket spring

Pocket springs offer superior comfort and support to coil springs and should be considered if the bed is to be used regularly by an adult. A pocket spring mattress consists of smaller, softer springs that work independently and conform well to the body. As each spring is independent, couples sharing a bed are less likely to roll together or disturb one another in bed.

Memory foam

Memory foam is a temperature-sensitive material that moulds and adapts to the body. By conforming to the body, memory foam eliminates pressure points and spreads body weight evenly. Due to the removal of pressure, memory foam can alleviate aches and pains and pins and needles.


Like memory foam, latex conforms well to body shape. It is a premium material that feels slightly bouncy but provides excellent pressure relief and even weight distribution.


Memory foam and latex can also be combined with springs offering the perfect compromise for those that prefer the feel and bounce of springs with the cushioning benefits of foam.

What type of bed base for a small double bed?

You can pair a three quarter mattress with a divan or a bed frame. Your choice will often come down to personal preference, but the base you choose will affect how the bed feels and performs. You should also consider how much extra room space is taken up by the bed.


A divan is an upholstered box that is usually fitted with castors or legs. Divans are popular for rooms with limited space, as the base is often the same size as the mattress. There are typically two types of divan, sprung or platform top.

A sprung divan features a sprung unit mounted to the top of the base for the mattress to rest on. The springs help cushion the mattress providing extra comfort and support.

A platform top or solid base is often made from hardwood and is usually cheaper than a sprung base. Though keep in mind there is no cushioning from the base leaving the mattress to do all the work.

Divans are often available with drawers or as a lift-up ottoman with storage space underneath. If one side of the bed is to go up against the wall, you should consider how this could affect access to the storage space. Divans are usually available as a two-drawer option where you can have both drawers on one side of the bed, allowing easier access. Some ottoman divans also come with a side opening mechanism if one or more sides of the bed are against the wall.

Most modern divans are available in various sumptuous fabrics. They can often be paired with a matching headboard to coordinate the look.

A small double bed will often come with a split base meaning the divan will come in two sections for easier access to the bedroom.

Bed frames

Bed frames come in various beautiful designs and styles, such as wood, metal, fabric, and leather. The frame typically includes a headboard, footboard and side rails that attach to make the frame. The mattress can sit on top of slats, a metal grid, or woven wire, though slats are more common.

Bed frames come flat-packed in several sections to allow easier access to the bedroom. However, bed frames often take up more room space as the mattress often sits inside the frame. If bedroom space is limited, a divan may be the better option.

Will standard double bedding fit a 4′0″ bed?

Standard double bedding will not fit a 4′0″ bed, so you will need to source alternative bedding specifically designed for this size of bed. Fortunately, as small double sizes are becoming popular, plenty of suppliers can provide bedding in these sizes. Browsing online is generally the easiest option.

What are the alternatives to a three quarter bed?

If you’re not convinced a three quarter bed is right for you, you could consider other types of bed. Who the bed is for and how often it is used will influence what style you choose, as some types of beds are suitable for occasional use only.

Wider single bed

If you’re looking for a bed that falls in between a single and a three quarter size bed, some manufacturers can offer single beds in bespoke sizes. These suppliers can often manufacture single beds 3′3″, 3′6″, or 3′9″ wide. There is usually an extra charge for bespoke sizes, and you will need to source special-size bedding to fit the bed.

Trundle bed

A trundle bed often includes a single bed with a pull-out bed that is stored underneath. Trundle beds are ideal for smaller rooms because the underbed is only pulled out when in use by visitors.

The underbed is usually fitted with castors so it can easily be rolled out or pushed underneath the main bed. It often comes with legs so that it can be raised to the same level as the main bed. This allows the beds to be pushed together when used by couples or kept apart as twin beds.

Sofa bed

A sofa bed is a great space-saving option for a spare room. It can be used as a sofa or couch during the day and then converted to a bed when used by visitors. Sofa beds can have various mechanisms.

The most common mechanism is a frame hidden inside the sofa that pulls out and converts into a bed.

Another option is a click-clack mechanism which is generally easier to operate. Pushing or pulling the backrest until the mechanism clicks allows the backrest to be lowered, creating a large sleeping area. Finally, some mechanisms slide out, revealing the bed, although you often need more space in front of the sofa to allow the bed to be pulled out fully.

Sofa beds are not as comfortable as normal beds, so they should only be considered for a second bedroom for occasional use.

Final thoughts

A three quarter bed provides a good middle ground between a single and double bed. It is an affordable option that provides a spacious feel for a single person and also works well in smaller bedrooms where a double bed is out of the question.

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