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Floor standing headboards: A definitive guide

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A bed without a headboard can make the bedroom look bland. A floor-standing headboard can transform the look and feel of your bedroom, creating a stunning focal point. Big, bold, and beautiful, these statement headboards will make you feel like you’re sleeping in a five-star hotel.

Unlike a traditional headboard which is lifted off the ground and attached to the bed through struts, a floor-standing headboard is a full-length piece of furniture that stands directly on the floor.

Floor-standing headboards are usually an optional extra sold separately from the bed – they are available in different materials and designs.

Tall floor-standing buttoned headboard in beige fabric

Designs and materials  

Floor-standing headboards come in various beautiful designs and materials to fit in with any bedroom décor. The style you choose comes down to the look and feel you want to create in the room.

Upholstered headboards are a popular choice bringing a warm and cosy feel to the bedroom. Whether you prefer a modern upholstered headboard with simple, functional lines or a classic buttoned-back or winged design, there are plenty of options to consider.

Higher-quality models often contain generous amounts of padding, making them comfortable to lean against. Some typical materials used for upholstery include linen, cotton, velvet, chenille, microfiber, and leather. Many companies offer floor-standing headboards in various fabrics to match and complement the bed.

Wood is a classic and timeless material that compliments any bedroom style. Wooden headboards can be made from various hardwoods and softwoods such as oak, pine, beech, birch, ash and walnut.

Metal headboards come in various colours and styles to suit traditional and modern settings. They are not as comfortable to sit up against as upholstered headboards but are strong, sturdy, and easy to maintain.

Some floor-standing headboards come with shelves, drawers and cupboards if you need extra storage space.

Cheaper strutted headboards are often unfinished. Over time the wooden struts may develop cracks and splinters, which could damage the bed. Standing headboards are often better as they won’t damage the bed.

Are floor-standing headboards suitable for any bed?  

If you’re purchasing the headboard separately, it is essential to ensure it is compatible with the bed. Most headboards are fixed to the base using bolts that pass through fixing slots in the headboard and screw into the bed base. The headboard bolts are typically supplied with the bed.

As floor-standing headboards vary in depth, you can sometimes find that standard headboard bolts are not long enough to pass through the headboard and attach it to the bed. Some bed companies provide longer bolts to address this. However, it helps to double-check with the seller before ordering to avoid any issues.

You also need to ensure that the slots in the floor-standing headboard where the bolts pass through line up with the pre-drilled holes in the divan so you can attach the two together.

Also, be mindful that some beds come with metal brackets instead of bolts for fixing the headboard. As a result, the headboard must also be fitted with metal brackets to connect it to the bed.

Another option is to choose a freestanding headboard which does not need to be fixed to the bed or wall.

Unlike strutted headboards, where the height can be adjusted, floor-standing headboards are a fixed height and are often significantly taller. So you must ensure you choose the correct height headboard for the room.

When choosing a headboard, it helps to understand how its size can affect the room’s aesthetics. Tall floor-standing headboards can make a real statement in rooms with high ceilings but may look out of place in rooms with low ceilings.

Depending on the design, some headboards may be wider than the bed they are attached to, especially if they come with storage space, like built-in drawers. So it’s important to measure the space properly to ensure the headboard comfortably fits into the room.

Are floor-standing headboards expensive?

Floor-standing headboards are typically more expensive than standard headboards because of the extra materials and workmanship involved. Of course, it’s not absolutely necessary to have a headboard, but they do provide both style and function.

Are floor-standing headboards stable?

A wobbly headboard can be frustrating, especially when sitting up in bed. Strutted headboards tend to wobble or go wonky even after tightening the bolts. On the other hand, floor-standing headboards are heavier and tend to be more stable.

Are floor headboards Supportive?

Aside from the aesthetics, headboards provide good support when sitting up in bed. An issue with strutted headboards is that they can sometimes be too low and not provide adequate head and neck support.

On the other hand, floor-standing headboards tend to be much taller, allowing you to sit up in bed with your head properly supported.

Bedroom access

Floor-standing headboards are tall and can be difficult to manoeuvre. Before ordering, check access points like doors, stairs, and narrow bends to ensure the headboard can be delivered to the bedroom.

Keep in mind that beds are harder to move when the headboard is attached and touches the floor. Avoid dragging the headboard to move the bed, as doing so can damage the headboard and the floor.

Final thoughts

A floor-standing headboard can inject some wow factor into the bedroom. It’s usually best to buy a floor-standing headboard at the same time as the bed and ideally from the same manufacturer to ensure the two are compatible.

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