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Can you fold a mattress?

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Mattresses should generally be kept flat, but folding may be necessary for moving or storage. Whether a mattress can be safely folded or bent depends on its type, construction, thickness, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Contact the manufacturer for specific guidance if you’re unsure whether you can fold your mattress.

Mattresses should generally be kept flat whenever possible. However, certain situations may require folding or bending a mattress, such as moving or relocating to a new home. Mattresses are bulky items that can be difficult to move. This can pose challenges during transportation, where folding or bending a mattress can help manoeuvre it through narrow doorways, around tight corners, or up a narrow staircase.

Another circumstance where folding a mattress can be beneficial is storing it somewhere temporarily, like in a garage. Additionally, when transporting a mattress in a vehicle, the mattress often needs to be flexible to fit the limited space available.

However, while mattresses may seem flexible, the majority are not specifically designed to be bent or folded.

Man lifting a mattress off white bed frame with hands

Can you fold a mattress with springs?

Most mattresses have spring interiors made of metal or steel, which should not be bent or folded. Doing so can damage the components, such as the springs, frame, and fillings.

It can cause the springs to permanently distort, break, or bend out of shape. It may result in an uneven sleeping surface and affect the mattress’s overall support and durability. The bending action can also dislodge the fillings within the mattress, leading to a lumpy and uncomfortable feel. It may also invalidate the mattress guarantee or warranty.

Can you fold a foam mattress?

Foam mattresses, like memory foam and latex, are generally more flexible and can be folded to some extent based on their construction, thickness, and manufacturer’s recommendations. Some foam mattresses are compressed, rolled, or folded when manufactured so that they can be delivered or taken home in conveniently sized packaging.

Thinner memory foam mattresses are typically more pliable and can be folded with relative ease. Thicker memory foam mattresses may have reduced flexibility due to their denser construction.

However, folding a foam mattress can put stress on the foam layers, causing permanent damage, sagging and uneven wear, ultimately reducing the mattress’s lifespan. It helps to avoid excessive or improper bending to maintain the structure, support, and comfort of the mattress over time.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines regarding handling to prevent any potential damage to the mattress. If the manufacturer allows bending or folding, you should do so only if necessary and for shorter periods.

Adjustable mattresses  

Adjustable mattresses are designed specifically for use with adjustable beds. They are engineered to be flexible, allowing them to conform to the various positions of an adjustable bed. This flexibility ensures they remain supportive and comfortable in each adjusted position.

While adjustable mattresses are suitable for bending and movement, they may still have specific limitations. Therefore, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s care advice to help extend the life of the mattress.

Sofa bed mattresses

Sofa bed mattresses are typically shallow in depth, making them suitable for folding or storage within the sofa itself. Sofa bed mattresses have an average thickness of approximately 8 to 10 cm. This compact size allows for easy folding and convenient storage when not in use.

How to avoid folding a mattress

With some planning and preparation, bending or folding a mattress may be avoidable. To prevent the need for folding or bending the mattress, plan ahead by assessing the route and clearing any obstacles. Having one or two people to assist in moving the mattress reduces the risk of damage or injury.

Additionally, try different angles. Sometimes tilting the mattress at an angle can help navigate it through narrow spaces without folding.

Final thoughts

Taking proper care of your mattress is essential to prevent damage. If you’re unsure whether you can fold or bend your mattress, contact the manufacturer directly for specific guidance on handling the mattress correctly.

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