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Young woman sitting on the edge of the bed feeling back pain after sleeping in bed

Can A Soft Mattress Cause Back Pain?

A soft mattress conforms to the body and can provide effective pressure relief. However, an overly soft mattress can cause misalignment and contribute to back pain.

young lady with back pain lying in bed

How To Make A Firm Mattress Softer

Mattress firmness can affect your overall sleep quality. Pairing your mattress with a softer mattress topper or replacing a solid bed base with a sprung base can help make your mattress feel softer.

young couple sleeping together in bed

Can You Buy A Half And Half Mattress?

A half and half mattress is ideal for sleeping partners of different weights or with different comfort preferences. It allows each partner to have their side of the bed in their preferred firmness, so there’s no need to compromise on sleep.

Mattress with tufts close up

Tufted Or Quilted Mattress, Which Is Better?

Quilted mattresses have a smoother, flatter surface and often feature a decorative design on the cover. Tufted mattresses have a contoured surface where cords or tapes are passed through the mattress to keep the fillings in place. It isn’t necessarily the case that one finish is better than the other, but more about personal preference.

pocket springs in rows

How Many Springs Should A Mattress Have?

Ideally, you should be looking for a mattress that contains at least 1,000 springs, as anything less is unlikely to provide the support you need. However, it’s not just about the spring count. The shape, height, and thickness of the springs also affect the support and responsiveness.

several mattresses stacked on top of each other

Mattress Thickness: How Thick Should A Mattress Be?

Most mattresses tend to be between 10 and 14 inches deep. The thickness of a mattress depends on its construction and isn’t necessarily indicative of its quality. There is no ideal mattress thickness, although anything less than 8 inches is unlikely to provide adequate support for an adult.

young lady with back pain sitting on bed

Why Your New Mattress May Cause Back Pain

It is not uncommon to experience some back pain when sleeping on a new mattress. This is normal, and your new mattress should start to feel more comfortable with use.

man waking up with back pain pressing down on mattress

Is A Firm Mattress Better For Your Back?

It is a common misconception that a firm mattress is better for the back. Correct support depends primarily on your weight and build. Generally, the heavier you are, the firmer the mattress you need.

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