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Why you shouldn’t allow your children to Jump on the bed

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Avoid letting children or anyone else jump on your bed. They could hurt themselves and cause permanent damage to the bed.

Children have bundles of energy, and jumping is a fun way for them to release it. They’ll bounce on anything and even turn our beds into makeshift trampolines.

Though it may seem tempting to allow them to let off some steam while you relax, it’s crucial to avoid letting them bounce up and down on the bed. Not only could the child hurt themselves, they could cause permanent damage to the bed.

children jumping on the bed

Why you shouldn’t let your child jump on the bed

Children may get hurt

Allowing children to bounce on the bed may seem harmless, but they may get hurt if you leave them unsupervised. Some bedrooms have low ceilings, where a child bouncing could easily hit their head. These bedrooms may have ceiling fans providing further risks if the fans are left running.

Falling off the bed could also result in significant injuries. Another concern is leaving windows open, as it increases the risk of a child falling out of the window.

Where several children bounce on the bed together, there’s a potential for head collisions. These collisions may result in bruises, bumps, or even more serious outcomes like concussions and brain injuries.

Furthermore, beds are not designed to be jumped on, and structure failure could lead to a child falling through the bed and hurting themselves.

Damage to the bed

A good quality bed can last up to ten years or longer, providing it is looked after correctly. However, if you allow children to jump on the bed, the bed’s lifespan will be significantly shorter. Continuous jumping can damage the bed by putting excessive pressure on the components, such as the springs.

Indentations and impressions may start forming on the mattress in areas where most of the pressure has been applied from jumping. This can result in an uneven sleeping surface affecting the bed’s support and durability. It may also result in a lumpy and uncomfortable bed.

Additionally, bouncing can weaken the edge of the bed, making sleepers feel that they’re falling out of bed. Consequently, sleeping partners may congregate towards the middle of the bed, reducing the usable sleeping area.

Jumping on the bed can damage the base. Broken slats are common when children jump on mattresses that rest on bed frames. Replacing these slats is crucial, as they support the mattress. Otherwise, the mattress might shift between slats, leading to additional mattress damage.

Furthermore, jumping on the bed could invalidate its manufacturer guarantee or warranty.

Damage to nearby items

Excessive bouncing can lead to accidents, causing damage to nearby items like bedside tables, lamps, and delicate objects.

Hygiene concerns

Additionally, hygiene is a concern, especially if children bounce on the bed with their shoes on. The bed may accumulate dirt and debris, which your skin may come into contact with. Furthermore, an unsanitary bed provides the perfect breeding ground for dust mites.

How to stop children from jumping on the bed?

It’s natural for kids to feel energetic and jump around. But there are some practical ways to keep them occupied by steering them towards other activities where they can have fun and release energy.

Explain the risks and reasons why they shouldn’t be jumping on the bed

Explain to your children why jumping on the bed isn’t a good idea. Address safety concerns and the risk of injuries like fractures, sprains, or knocks. Discuss potential damage to the bed, its impact on sleep quality, and how this affects our day-to-day lives. Also, highlight the risks of damaging furniture and delicate items and how they should treat belongings respectfully.  

Allow them to jump around in a safe outdoor space

Instead of stopping them from jumping around, you could divert their attention to other activities where they can release energy.

As your kids get older, you could invest in an outdoor trampoline with a soft enclosure, so they can enjoy jumping around safely without damaging anything in the home. You could also get them to play jumping games outside by asking them to imitate their favourite animals like, frogs, rabbits, and kangaroos.  

Encourage them to take up sports

Encourage your children to try different sports like football, tennis, and running. Sports help children release energy and improve physical fitness. Participating in team sports can help children learn discipline, teamwork and social skills. They may become more confident and also form new friendships with their teammates.

Final thoughts

Kids love jumping around, so stopping them from bouncing on the bed may require patience and understanding. But caring for your bed helps extend its lifespan whilst ensuring it provides the comfort and support you need.

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